I Am Your Remedy (5/2/2021)

I Am Your Remedy (5/2/2021)

Endure your pain quietly. I am your remedy.

Don’t look at anyone except Me,

because I am your true friend.

Even if I kill you, don’t say, “I have been killed.”

Instead, be grateful,

because I am the compensation for your life.

Rubailer (2016), Rubai #3, page 307

A Rubaiyat of Rumi/The Ergin Translation (Nov. 2021), Rubai 654

That Brings Results (4/25/2021)

As Long As… (4/25/2021)

The parrot came to the tree to share sugar’s prayer.

The rose asked the nightingale to read poetry.


Receiving a revelation, the tall green cypress said,

“As long as your soul stays in your body,

put a belt on your waist. Serve day and night.

That brings results. Continue reading “That Brings Results (4/25/2021)”

Knocking (4/18/2021)

Today, I am on the outside of a circle,

as if I am standing on the outside of a door.

I have become friends with the door knocker,

and I am holding onto it, knocking fearlessly.

Once I become a true companion of vision,

I will get through that door.

I will get into that circle,

and once I get in, I will stay there forever.

Rubailer (2016), Rubai #1, page 302.

Glory after Glory (4/11/2021)

Glory after Glory (4/11/2021)

If He destroys hundreds like me, that causes no sorrow for Him.

You fall in Love. He doesn’t care.

Your heart is broken. He has many others.


He asks, “Why can’t your eyes see the wine?”

What can they do?

They are always wet in front of Your sun. Continue reading “Glory after Glory (4/11/2021)”

Walk Nicely Now (3/28/2021)

Walk Nicely Now (3/28/2021)

Ascend to the sky from this banal world.

Your soul will be blessed if you do.

Walk nicely now.


Yes, you have jumped out from this town which is so full of sickness and shivering.

Now, make your home the land of happiness and joy.


If the painting of your body is destroyed, return to the Painter.

If your flesh is decayed, be content with being pure soul.


If your face is withered because of death,

settle down in the purple-colored tulip garden.


If they close the door of the house on you,

come up from the roof. Become your own ladder.


If you are separated from friends and relatives,

if you find yourself all alone,

become the King of the Auspicious Conjunction,*

acquainted with God’s friendship.


If you are separated from bread and water,

turn into the kind of bread

which gives power directly to hearts and souls.

*Refers to at least one Mughal king who claimed he was born under the auspicious conjunction of Jupiter and Venus.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 18, Ghazal 189, verses 18821-1887, page 148.

When I Look (3/21/2021)

When I Look (3/21/2021)

How long will I be satisfied by the shapes and appearances of time?

How long will I watch and smell of existence?

I am tired of the materials and creatures of the present.

It is time to see that Beauty of Beauties.

But, when I look at Him, I see my image.

When I look at my image, I see His.

Rubailer (2016), Rubai #2, page 316.

Into the Sea of the Beloved (3/7/2021)

Into the Sea of the Beloved (3/7/2021)

Don’t think that I have run away from you

or that I have given my heart to someone else.

I am not tied to anyone or anything.

Because I am separated from my origin, I am a stranger here.

And, I am running like a torrent into the sea of the Beloved.

Rubailer (2016), Rubai #1, page 315.

Do You Want to Know…(12/6/2020)

Do You Want to Know…(12/6/2020)

Do you want to know about separation?

That is the road for lovers.

A fish’s life depends on the sea.

He desires the sea whenever he is separated from it.

People usually desire the sun,

although sometimes they do desire a shadow.

A soul is the particle which never desires a shadow.

Rubailer (2016), Rubai #4, page 131.

In That Heart (11/15/2020)

Heart (11/15/2020)

What kind of work bench do You have in that heart?

What idols are You carving in that heart?


Spring has come. It is seed time.

Who knows what You are sowing in that heart?


Outside, You are covered with curtains of secrecy.

But, You are wide open in the middle of that heart.


The person who searches gets his feet stuck in the mud.

But, You scratch his head in that heart.


If a heart were not bigger and greater than the skies,

You wouldn’t ride the Moon in that heart.


If a heart were not such a big city,

no Sultan could fit in, move around in that heart.


O my Soul, the heart is an amazing forest.

You are the master of hunting in that heart.


There are thousands of waves which move in the sea of heart.

You harvest pearls in that heart.


I have kept silent,

because even if one tries to describe its qualities,

no mind can comprehend the heart.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 18, Ghazal 103, verses 1024-1032, pages 3-4.

Many Think This is Easy (10/18/2020)

Many Think This is Easy (10/18/2020)

One should not try to avoid Him for even one moment.

Only ruin and wreckage come from being distance!


You say, “What could happen? I could come back.”

You could, but only if your heart opens its door again. Continue reading “Many Think This is Easy (10/18/2020)”

I was Amazed (10/11/2020)

I was Amazed (10/11/2020)

When I was drinking wine in Your tavern one day,

I started ripping off this cloak of mine, this cloak made of clay.

In Your tavern, I saw the harmony in its workings

and in the workings of the Universe.

There was such a balance of creation and destruction.

I was amazed.

Rubailer (2016), Rubai #2, page 326.