Sayings from Hasan Shushud


The meaning of creation is a perception.

The universe is a magnificent lie. What is life? An agony.

Those who do not find reality have made ritual into religion.

There are many who talk of God, none who know God.

He who roams oceans, what has he to do with the river? He who finds the Absolute, what should he do with the apostle?

If it burns you, it is a work of art.

The things that are known are the screen to the world of the unseen.

He who does not reach non-existence has not reached the Truth.

Seek power in weakness, seek wealth in poverty, seek life in death, seek true existence in annihilation.

If you are pleased with what you have found, that is good. If you are not, this is much better.

Existence is a reality, but reality is unreal.