Biography: Ahu Baser

Ahu Baser has been seeking Truth and the understanding of the mystery of existence since childhood. On this endless journey she has emersed herself in Sufism, poetry, Philosophy, Yoga, Meditation, Energy, ancient teachings and Spiritualism.

In 2010, she contacted Nevit Ergin regarding The Forbidden Rumi which he wrote in collaboration with
Will Johnson. She had been writing poetry, which, after meeting him, has assumed a different level of depth and expression. Together, they worked on the translation of The Rose Garden, a collection of Rumi’s poetry yet unpublished. They visited several places in Turkey together and kept in touch until he left his body.

She met Millicent Alexander during the final years of Ergin’s life on earth. She is happy and proud to be part of this family, and excited to be able to help convey the essence of Rumi to the world through Ergin’s final translations.

She lives in Muğla, Turkey.