I Didn’t Just Become Like This (2/14/2021)

I Didn’t Just Become Like This (2/14/2021)

I wasn’t insane like I am now.

I wasn’t out of my mind like this before.


I used to be prudent and wise once,

not crazy-insane like I am now.


I used to hunt like all the other beauties.

I wasn’t into blood like the heart.


I used to constantly inquire,

“What is this? What is that?”

I wasn’t the admirer of that Absolute Being.


Since your mind is in your head, sit down and think.

It seems like I was like this before.

I didn’t just become like this.


I used to try to be better than everyone else,

because I hadn’t fallen into the Love

which increases day by day.


I used to smoke with anger.

In fact, I used to spread over the entire desert.


In the end, I was raised up from the ground like treasure.

I am not like Kaarun, the one who hoards it.

I was raised up like treasure because that is what I am.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 18, Ghazal 127, verses 1258-1265, page 41.