Such a Sun (2/4/18)

Such a Sun (2/4/18)

O Charmer who constantly brings forth the Water of Life,

where is the source of the water You bring?

Really, this time You have brought the One who adds Soul to soul.



You have brought such a sun from God’s light

that it covers everything from East to West,

pierces everything, like lightening.


There are those who have passed out with astonishment after seeing Your face

which reflected on them with Your light of greatness.

They have lost their way. Don’t ask for directions from them.


After bringing such a sea from the Land of Immortality,

it would be a shame for the soul to die.

For lovers, there is no fear of fate and destiny,

because You make fate and destiny drunk, involve them with Divine Judgment.


Our soul is unable to fit its skin into Your joy,

because You are the One who has brought this Beauty for us.


O Shams of Tebriz, you have tormented us.

But the truth is, You have done a favor with every one of those torments.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 8b, Gazel 219, Verses 1994-2000, Pages 198-199.

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