If You Were… You Would… (9/10/2023)

If You Were… You Would… (9/10/2023)

If you were out of your self like we are,

if you were also drunk,

you would have already broken the halo around the moon,

ascended the heights of the sky and sat there. Continue reading “If You Were… You Would… (9/10/2023)”

Don’t Break the Jar (8/13/2023)

Don’t Break the Jar (8/13/2023)

O sugar lipped one, don’t break the jar.

O stonehearted one, don’t break the jar.


If you become His drunk,

you will drink wine from His hand.

But, His breath is very dangerous.

Don’t break the jar. Continue reading “Don’t Break the Jar (8/13/2023)”

Tell Us (7/16/2023)

Tell Us (7/16/2023)

O one whose heart is full of words, yet remains silent,

Read the chapter, Hel Eta, in the Quran.*

Read the epigram, La Feta.**


Put on the tent of soul at the top of the sky.

Raise the waves from the sea of the heart.

Tear the bag of existence.

Let those two or three water carriers go. Continue reading “Tell Us (7/16/2023)”

This Situation is Bad (6/4/2023)

This Situation is Bad (6/4/2023)

This stone will be split open if it desires Union with You.

If my soul feels Your Joy, it will grow wings and fly to the sky.


Now, the fire melts and becomes water.

Reason loses its balance and falls. Continue reading “This Situation is Bad (6/4/2023)”