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I am at Peace with Him (11/18/18)

No One Is a Stranger There (11/18/18)

Every mind becomes confused when it sees Your face.

Every face is scratched by Your Absence.


I have become drunk because of Your reproach.

I don’t even know if Your pure wine is better than a sedimented one. Continue reading

Throw Away This Image (10/7/18)

Throw Away This Image (10/7/18)

The words which come from the soul are a curtain to the soul.

The fog which comes from the sea hides the coast and the pearls of that sea.


It is a great task to get involved in philosophical discourses.

But, the explanation is the curtain to the Sun of the Truth. Continue reading

God’s Appearance (6/19/16)

God's Appearance (6/19/16)

God’s Appearance (6/19/16)

Every creature in the universe is God’s appearance.

Every event, everything has existed in the Divine Consciousness before.

Every particle comes from the whole.

But, that does not mean the whole divides into particles all the time.

                                                     Rubailer, Page 225, Rubai #4