The Land of Truth (5/19/2024)

The Land of Truth (5/19/2024)

Hey, night guard, what kind of guard are you anyway?

A thief stole all of our belongings last night.


Slap cold water on your face.

Yell and scream.

Our gains became a loss because of your sleep. Continue reading “The Land of Truth (5/19/2024)”

Only God Knows (9/5/2021)

Only God Knows (9/5/2021)

We keep turning like the sky in our longing for the Moon.

Only God knows our business.

Considering all the things which are happening in this world,

we wonder how smart people can keep their minds in their heads.

Yet, they wonder about our exuberance.

Rubailer (2016), Rubai #1, page 335.

The Rubais of Rumi, The Ergin Translations (pub. approx. 5/22), Rubai 721, volume 2.

Secrets Shaken Out with Thunder (7/25/2021)

Secrets Shaken Out with Thunder (7/25/2021)

I became exuberant when that pearl emerged in me.

I was turned into a rough sea by that storm.

I revealed the secrets of the ocean,

secrets shaken out with thunder.

Then, I slept on the shore like an empty cloud.

Rubailer (2016), Rubai 2, page 329.

A Rubaiyat of Rumi, The Ergin Translations (tent. pub. 12/1/2021), Volume 2, Rubai 696.

Glory after Glory (4/11/2021)

Glory after Glory (4/11/2021)

If He destroys hundreds like me, that causes no sorrow for Him.

You fall in Love. He doesn’t care.

Your heart is broken. He has many others.


He asks, “Why can’t your eyes see the wine?”

What can they do?

They are always wet in front of Your sun. Continue reading “Glory after Glory (4/11/2021)”

Our Jar Cannot Take Any More (4/15/18)

Our Jar Cannot Take Any More (4/15/18)

People were born from the Sea of Soul like water birds.

How do those birds which come from the sea make this place their home?


We are engulfed by the soul’s sea with every breath we take.

If it were not so, why do the waves come one after the other from the Sea of Heart? Continue reading “Our Jar Cannot Take Any More (4/15/18)”

Non-Existence Appeared Like Existence (9/17/17)

Non-Existence Appeared Like Existence (9/17/17)

When I desired Union, when I burned with fire,

I went to Mount Sinai, like Moses.


There, I saw a sultan, the Sultan of sultans,

a charmer who attracts the heart, who adds Soul to souls. Continue reading “Non-Existence Appeared Like Existence (9/17/17)”