Our Jar Cannot Take Any More (4/15/18)

Our Jar Cannot Take Any More (4/15/18)

People were born from the Sea of Soul like water birds.

How do those birds which come from the sea make this place their home?


We are engulfed by the soul’s sea with every breath we take.

If it were not so, why do the waves come one after the other from the Sea of Heart?


The boat was prepared, then shipwrecked.

The wave of Elest* has come. This is the time of Union,


The assembly time for the last judgment, the time for immortality,

the time to reach God’s compassion, the time to transform into pure, clean ocean.


A gift box has appeared right in the middle. The sea has become pure and clear.

Dawn has broken for the day of happiness. What a day of divine light!


Whose picture, whose shape, whose sultan, whose master is this?

To whom does this old, experienced mind belong?

All these are the veil to cover someone’s  face.


Exuberance, the only power to open these veils, overflows.

Your heart, your eyes are the source of beautiful, sweet waters.


But, do we have two heads in our body?

This clay head is from the Earth, that clean one from the sky.


The real head is hidden. The one who depends on that is apparent.

Be assured that there is an endless universe beyond this world.


Your head came from the other head.

To make you understand that, many clean heads have fallen to the feet of the Earth.


O water-carrier, tie the strings of our water bags.

Our jar cannot take any more.

The vase of understanding is so small in that place that it is very difficult to understand.

*Elest  “Am I not your God?” Quran VII, 172.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 10, Gazel 11, Verses 118-128, Pages 24-26.


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