Become Divine Light (5/14/2023)

Become Divine Light (5/14/2023)

You will be purified from bad habits

by fasting.

You will follow the ascent of the attained ones to the sky

by fasting.

You will be burned like a candle

by the fire of fasting.

Become divine light.

The darkness of a bite makes you a morsel for the ground.

Rubailer (2016), 4ubai 4, page 461.

The Rubaiyat of Rumi, The Ergin Translations, Volume 3, rubai 982.

When Love Rattles Its Chain (4/9/2023)

When Love Rattles Its Chain (4/8/2023)

When it comes to reaching the heart of the Beloved,

there is no room for patience.

Don’t talk about patience.


When Love rattles its chain,

the minds of Plato and Abul Hasan* become befuddled. Continue reading “When Love Rattles Its Chain (4/9/2023)”

Endure (3/12/2023)

Endure (3/12/2023)

O heart, if you cannot endure the troubles of Love, go away.

If you don’t give up your life, you will never reach the Beloved.

If you haven’t been thrown, as Abraham was, into the fire,

you will never find, as Khidr* did, the Water of Life.

*Khidr  A legendary man who is said to have attained immortality by drinking from the Water of Life and who comes to help those in moments of extreme distress.

Rubailer (2016), Rubai 4, page 449.

The Rubaiyat of Rumi, The Ergin Translations ( 2023), Rubai 959, Volume 3.

I Won’t Leave You in the Middle of the Road (1/8/2023)

I Won’t Leave You in the Middle of the Road (1/8/2023)

I came to grab you by the ear and drag you away.
I came to leave you without a heart, without a self.
I came to put you inside of My heart.

O rose sapling, I came to embrace you like a beautiful spring,
to scatter you here and there and everywhere.

I came to charm you in this palace,
to raise you above the sky like the prayers of lovers. Continue reading “I Won’t Leave You in the Middle of the Road (1/8/2023)”


In a group meeting with Hasan Shushud back in the 1970’s, Jonathan Boulting related that this was one of the bits of wisdom Shushud shared, with the caveat that his English might need some reconsideration: GRIEF: Our contract with Eternity. Mr. Shushud spoke often about our inborn nostalgia, our longing “to go home,” our separation from our Essence… the source of true grief. Nevit Ergin referred constantly in his translations of Rumi’s poetry to “His sorrow.” When some begin the practice of fasting, they are able to begin to taste that sorrow, and it is one of the greatest gifts. Our self doesn’t want to feel it, which is its impetus for surrounding itself with an infinite number of distractions. As for the contract, it might be more of a promise that we made and need to keep. As Rumi says, “The purpose of Existence is to reach Absence.”

From Beyond Love (12/25/2022)

From Beyond Love (12/25/2022)

The fragrance of the rose garden and orchard is coming.

The fragrance of that tender-hearted Beloved is coming.


My Beloved has scattered so many pearls

that the sea is now up to my waist. Continue reading “From Beyond Love (12/25/2022)”