Pure Gold (6/30/2024)

Pure Gold (6/30/2024)

You are a Joseph in beauty.

Break the jar of beauty.

Use your breath like Jesus.

You are from that same air.


Stay in line even though you are all by yourself.

You are the emperor of our time.

There is a door of that fort which Ali broke through.

Break it. You are the Chosen One now.


Leave useless people alone.

Don’t pay attention to the deceits of ogres.

You are from a noble line.


Your soul is immortal.

Your inner world is most beautiful.

You are from God’s light.

You belong to God.


What have you seen of the Beauties?

You haven’t manifested yet.

But, one early morning, from deep of inside of you,

you will rise like the sun.


It is a pity, a pity that you are so concealed.

You are like a moon behind the clouds.

You have such a beautiful face.

Scatter those clouds. Get out from behind them.


You resemble the sword of Ali.

Your body is a wooden sheath.

Why should your heart be hurt if this sheath is broken?


You are a falcon whose feet are tied.

Your body is the ring holding you by the feet.

You should remove it with your claws.


It is so nice to throw pure gold into the fire,

because fire has the power to bring out the purity of that gold.


O brother, don’t be afraid of the fire’s flames.

Jump into that fire. Get roasted.


I swear to God that it won’t burn you.

Your face shines like gold.

You are Abraham’s son.

You have been familiar to Me for a long time now.


You are a tempered sword.

Pull yourself out of the body’s sheath.

You are gold.

Don’t get stuck in the shaft of the mine.


You are sugar, really sweet sugar.

Scatter sugar,

Your voice is beautiful.

Play the king’s ney and share your beautiful voice.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 22, Ghazal 53, verses 535-553, pages 128-130.

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