There Is No Tomorrow (8/6/17)

There Is No Tomorrow (8/6/17)

My heart has been flying with Love since early dawn,

because the one who sets the trap has plans for me.


I wonder what kind of dream my heart saw last night

that I have such exuberance in my head.


But, what could my heart do?

Envoys, whom fate and destiny have sent, are coming to my heart from above.


The house of the heart is filled with these people who don’t understand a word.

There is no room for even the smallest excuse.


But, there is no excuse.

Even if there were, where is the tongue to deliver it? Where is the heart?

There is no way to escape.

Even if there were, where are the feet for my escape?


The world is like a piece of straw.

We are the torrent coming from the mountain.

We will flow until we reach the sea.


The torrent cries, cascades through rough places.

But its flow, bit by bit, is also a very nice thing to see.


How can I not cry in His hands?

He holds my mouth like a shrill pipe with His hands.


My desires and worries sit in deep thought, saying,

“What should I do tomorrow?”

They don’t know that there is no tomorrow.


I am a slave, a servant of Love.

He only works with cash.

He doesn’t know about time, about worries, about the promise.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 7b, Gazel 273, Verses 3529-3538, Pages 310-311.


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