I Have a Question (5/5/2024)

I Have a Question (5/5/2024)

What is life without Him?

A crucifixion, a passing desire.

What is the value of soul in front of Him?

A slave and servant, an unimportant thing.


If fortune sets His throne in someone’s heart,

how lucky is that heart?.

If He drinks the wine from someone’s head,

how nice is it for that head?


I swear to God that if a lucky one

were to get even a casual greeting from You,

he would no longer care about getting any kind of compliment,

even from a sultan.


He has worn the mantle of drunkenness,

sat in the soul’s gambling house.

His name is not good among the people,

but he has a good reputation in the highest heaven.


How lucky a moment is that,

when the Sultan pats him on the back and says,

“In such a choice trap, you are Our falcon.”


His wine has such a beautiful bouquet.

It doesn’t make someone noisy and aggressive.

It doesn’t make someone beg for anything from his friends.

It doesn’t make someone try to get even with his enemies.


People are in constant struggle.

Yet, You are drunk on the floor.

Your heart is content.

You keep watching everyone from the roof.


I have a question. I will say no more after that.

Why did the name of our heart and soul

become melted gold in the crucible

because of a raw, ordinary one?

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 22, Ghazal 46, verses 455,456-463, pages 108-109.

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