What a Crafty, Deceitful One (5/9/2021)

O Sun who rides the horse of the sky!

O Beauty who uses deception to turn Himself into a star!


Sometimes, You appear like the heart sitting in the middle of the house.

At other times  You come and sit in a corner.


Sometimes, You stay at a distance, acting like a stranger,

saying things like, “I just happened to be here.”


Sometimes, you come as relief and burn sorrows to ashes.

At other times, You ask innocently, “What is the cure for such grief?”


You are the One who tears things up. You are the One who mends them.

It is best for the heart to be torn to pieces.


Sometimes You make the heart cry like a child

and ask me to rock its cradle.


Sometimes, You take me in Your arms like a nanny.

Sometimes You ride on my back like the cavalry.


Sometimes, you look old and grizzled.

At other times, you look like a nursing baby.


In fact, I am helpless and exhausted because of You.

What a crafty, deceitful One You are!

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 19, Ghazal 205, verses 2064-2072, page 3.

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