A New Life Altogether (8/12/18)

A New Life Altogether (8/12/18)

O one who has flown out from this narrow cage,

O one who has gone to the heights of the sky,


From now on, you are starting a new life altogether.

What is this aimless life?


Life has passed through with the desire of a musteri.*

See the moon. Free yourself from the planet Jupiter.


You took off, threw away your louse-infested shirt,

became a stark-naked soul.

You look much better like that.


The mantle of flesh is made of the four elements.

They wove a new mantle for you which is colored by special dyes

to wear instead of your mantle of flesh.


This body’s dress is a dress for a teenager.

Now, take the mantle of maturity.


Death is living. Living is death.

But, the cover which covers the Truth shows the reverse.


Souls that leave the body are all alive,

but they are invisible like fairies.


The soul rides the horse of Absence,

becomes free from the donkey and from becoming a donkey.


Your heart has kept burning,

ruining the Earth’s barn by searching for barley for this weak donkey.


When the curtain is raised, this donkey turns into gold.

But, you don’t see that.


The soul has anchored in your body.

No, no. It sails through the oceans.


Even if it were separated from hands and feet,

God’s Grace has given it Cafer** wings.


If the house of flesh is demolished, don’t cry.

O rich one, you are in the dungeon of your body.

Know this very well.


When you get out of the well, out from the dungeon,

you will be Joseph of Egypt.


Once you are out of the well’s bitter waters,

you will be a fish and stay in the river of Kevser.***


You tell the rest of this,

because people believe You, O my Sultan.

*Musteri  A customer.

** Cafer  Ca’fer-i Tayyâr was  one of Muhammed’s uncles who lost his arms in war. The Prophet said he would have wings in heaven. He was known as “Flying Cafer.”

*** Kevser  A legendary river in heaven.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 11, Gazel 89, Pages 176-178, Verses 1099-1115.  

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