Break the Glass of Duality (3/18/18)

Break the Glass of Duality (3/18/18)

Thanks to Union, my soul and your soul have become one.

These souls are exactly the same, so nothing should remain but the one.


Because of bad habits, our souls were born from wind’s fire,

then started blowing in our heads.


They were one before, but were divided by waves,

a separation caused by the wind.


Break the glass of duality.

When there are two sultans in the same city, the town becomes confused, instigates trouble.


Morning became superior to evening because it has only one candle.

Night lights candles everywhere, but still remains dark.


Creatures receive mercy from their God in every breath.

When will the time come when creatures disappear and only God remains?

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 10, Gazel 21, Verses 218-223, Pages 46-47.

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