Death’s Majesty (8/25/19)

Death’s Majesty (8/25/19)

Love passes with the hope of tomorrow,

finishes needlessly with fights and struggles.


Assume your life is the day which you are living right now.

See how you spend it with all of your schemes and empty projects.


Our life has been spent

with either worries about money or worries about food.

At the same time, moment by moment, our purse is getting smaller.


Death pulls us, one by one.

The color of the smart one’s face is becoming pale

because of death’s majesty.


Death stands on the road and waits.

Yet, all the merchants are ready to go shopping.


Death is closer to us than remembrance.

But, where is the mind of the one who is somnolent?


Don’t spend time over-feeding your body.

It will be sacrificed anyway.

Try to feed your heart, because it is what ascends.


Give very little butter and honey to this carcass.

The one who pays too much attention to his appearance

leaves with disgrace.


Give to the soul all the sweet food of understanding,

the discovery that it will go to its destination strong and fit.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 9, Ghazal 36, verses 349-358, page 56.

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