Become Divine Light (5/14/2023)

Become Divine Light (5/14/2023)

You will be purified from bad habits

by fasting.

You will follow the ascent of the attained ones to the sky

by fasting.

You will be burned like a candle

by the fire of fasting.

Become divine light.

The darkness of a bite makes you a morsel for the ground.

Rubailer (2016), 4ubai 4, page 461.

The Rubaiyat of Rumi, The Ergin Translations, Volume 3, rubai 982.

Sometimes (11/20/2022)

Sometimes (11/20/2022)

O heart, what did you find in all of your lootings,

in those pillagings where you spread out all of your belongings?

What did you find before you closed the door?


In this ruined building, you still keep making webs with your own saliva

in order to catch flies like the spider of greed. Continue reading “Sometimes (11/20/2022)”

“You Are Not Mud. You Are This Gold.”(7/23/17)

“You Are Not Mud. You Are This Gold.” (7/23/17)

Don’t you see?

Thirst is telling water to go away. Hunger is turning its nose up at bread.

The tunnel is angry at the sun because it doesn’t want its light.

What a crazy, stupid, unfortunate situation this is. Continue reading ““You Are Not Mud. You Are This Gold.”(7/23/17)”