Sweets Will Be Served (11/26/2023)

Sweets Will Be Served (11/26/2023)

When Absence adds Soul to your soul,

you will get morsels from Absence,

and you will chew them with pleasure.

Neither kitchen nor cook will appear.

But, plate after plate of sweets will be served to you.

The Rubailer (2016), Rubai 1, page 455.

The Rubaiyat of Rumi, The Ergin Translations (ApprxPubWinter2024), Rubai 1067, Volume 3.

Become Divine Light (5/14/2023)

Become Divine Light (5/14/2023)

You will be purified from bad habits

by fasting.

You will follow the ascent of the attained ones to the sky

by fasting.

You will be burned like a candle

by the fire of fasting.

Become divine light.

The darkness of a bite makes you a morsel for the ground.

Rubailer (2016), 4ubai 4, page 461.

The Rubaiyat of Rumi, The Ergin Translations, Volume 3, rubai 982.

Look at Us. See Us. Watch Us. (8/4/2022)

Look at us. See us. Watch us. (9/4/2022)

We are the fire of Love which lights that special candle.

Like a candle, we came to burn the oppressed moth.


We attacked bravely like a drunk,

giving up knowledge and reaching into the to-be-known. Continue reading “Look at Us. See Us. Watch Us. (8/4/2022)”

From the Breath of Love (12/13/2020)

From the Breath of Love (12/13/2020)

I come slowly like water under straw

and carry away the mountain as if it were a piece of straw.


I drip from the gutter, drop by drop.

But, like a flood, I pick up and carry away hundreds of palaces. Continue reading “From the Breath of Love (12/13/2020)”

From the Coast of the Sea of Soul (12/24/17)

From the Coast of the Sea of Soul (12/24/17)

O lovers, may all your drinks do you good.

May this world become for you a sugar mine.


O lovers, the sounds of the best wishes have ascended to the Throne.

This caravan has gone beyond the Earth and heaven. Continue reading “From the Coast of the Sea of Soul (12/24/17)”

There is … No Remedy…Except You (11/26/17)

There is… No Remedy … Except You (11/26/17)

O my Life who adds Soul to my soul, lift the curtain.

O One who takes care of my grief, who is willing to stay with me all night long!


O One who hears my cries, timely and untimely!

O One who puts fire into every atom of my being! Continue reading “There is … No Remedy…Except You (11/26/17)”