From the Coast of the Sea of Soul (12/24/17)

From the Coast of the Sea of Soul (12/24/17)

O lovers, may all your drinks do you good.

May this world become for you a sugar mine.


O lovers, the sounds of the best wishes have ascended to the Throne.

This caravan has gone beyond the Earth and heaven.


What can I talk about from the coast of the Sea of Soul? What can I say?

The Sea of Soul has no beginning, no end. It is beyond existence and Absence.


O lovers, we are up, then down, prostrating like waves,

longing to see a trace of the One whose trace doesn’t appear.


O lovers, if someone asks, “Who are you?,”

answer him without hesitation, saying, “We are soul to the soul of Soul.”


O lovers, if someone is not a diver, doesn’t even know how to swim,

the Sea of Soul forgives him, gives Its pearls free of charge.


O lovers, hear the words, “This should be like that and that will be like this.”

These words put people in a ditch.

We are saved from “this” and “that.”


Only when I had given up hope of finding the heart did I come back.

Then, O lovers, I found that the heart was sleeping with the Beloved.


O lovers, I addressed the heart, “O heart, what a nice place to choose for sleeping.”

The heart smiled, then said,

“The one who wants a rose garden picks a rose from that rose garden.”


There is a rose under my feet and roses under their feet.

But, how can I explain this at the assembly of the ones who deny it?


What a happy moment it is when we become drunk with the Love of the Beloved.

In that moment, our soul cannot differentiate our robe from the sky.


The Sea of Love is a peerless sea, O lovers,

without down or up or in between.


O lovers, when the sparks of Shams of Tebriz appear from the East,

the Earth and sky turn into Soul.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 8b, Gazel 136, Verses 1217-1225, Pages 30-31.




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