A Heart Full of Pearls (1/14/2024)

A Heart Full of Pearls (1/14/2024)

I have such an aspiration in my head.

Perhaps it is not a human’s head

I am in such a situation

that I am not aware of myself.


The Sultan of Love offers thousands of gifts.

All I want is to see His face.

Who cares if I lose my hat and belt?

The belt and hat of His Love are enough for me in both worlds.


His Love caught my wounded heart at dawn,

took it away to such places that I gave up early dawn, morning and night.


The soul has started a journey into the world of meanings.

It is such a journey

that neither the sky nor the Moon is aware of it.


My eyes are scattering pearls because of being separated from Him.

But, don’t ever think that He didn’t give me a heart full of pearls.


I have such a nice confectioner.

He keeps selling me sugar.

There isn’t a single day that He has refused to sell me sugar.


I would show a trace of His beauty,

but people would fall out with each other.

I don’t have time for that confusion.


O Tabriz, I made an oath:

If Shamseddin comes,

I will give my head in gratitude.

I don’t have anything besides my head.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 22, Ghazal 19, verses 157-165, pages 38-39.

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