“Let Me Tell You Something” (6/25/17)

“Let Me Tell You Something” (6/25/17)

For my Beloved, it is to break hearts.

For me, God’s grace has given me Love.

What beautiful sustenance is this?




Even my head is gone. Let it go. After all, it’s only a head.

I am saved from head, from hat, even from the one who makes the hat.


He put His mouth to my ear and said,

“Let me tell you something.


“If you are fed by Our green pastures for even one moment, if you are nourished by Us,

you will turn into a gazelle in the land of the Huten.*

All of your blood will change into musk.


“When the soul becomes Soul, you will have no questions about the body-soul relationship.

One grain is not your business.

Why do you want to make bread out of it?

You are a gold mine.


“Call the brave ones to the assembly of Beauties.

Be a guide to Hizir,** to the fountain of life.”


Ruby-colored wine has come, but not the kind made by grapes.

The Beloved is scattering sugar, but not in the way sugar is served here.

Huten  City in Eastern Turkistan known for its beautiful women. A Chinese beauty.

**Hizir  A legendary Godsend who attained immortality by drinking from the water of life and who comes to aid in a critical moment. (Also known as Khidr.)

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 7b, Gazel 248, Verses 3239-3245, Pages 257-258.

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