Look at Us. See Us. Watch Us. (8/4/2022)

Look at us. See us. Watch us. (9/4/2022)

We are the fire of Love which lights that special candle.

Like a candle, we came to burn the oppressed moth.


We attacked bravely like a drunk,

giving up knowledge and reaching into the to-be-known.



At the first stage, we passed this two-hour journey of existence

with a whole caravan of sufferers.


As you know, there is a moon which is neither up nor down.

As you know, there is a place

where no one is praised, no one is reproached.

That is the place we have reached.


In spite of all our stone-hearted bad luck, we reached the garnet door

which could never be contained by the world of existence.


With the verse of Kursi*, we flew over the arch.

We have seen

the One who lives in eternity,

the One who saves,

the One who protects eternally.


Today, we have so many branches, leaves, fruits and flowers

from that field and garden.

Don’t think we are deprived.

Look at us. See us. Watch us.


We should leave this ruined place for the owls.

We are not owls.

Why did we come to this rundown country?

Our shingle is at the Temple of Rum Kayseri.**


Put this story in your heart. Tell it in Tebriz.***

We have arrived in the country of Rum.****

*Kursi  Verse 255 in the 2nd chapter of the Quran: .God: There is no god but Him, the Ever Living, the Ever Watchful…

** Kayseri  A city in Anatolia.

***Rum  Another city in Anatolia.

****Rum  Anatolia.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 20, Ghazal 40, verses 425-433, pages 83-84, 

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