From the Breath of Love (12/13/2020)

From the Breath of Love (12/13/2020)

I come slowly like water under straw

and carry away the mountain as if it were a piece of straw.


I drip from the gutter, drop by drop.

But, like a flood, I pick up and carry away hundreds of palaces.


I was food and fodder for trouble before.

But now, I have become trouble for trouble.


If you know where I am, come to me,

but not as you.

Free your heart from the jail of space.


I appear to you upside-down on this water,

but you don’t know where the top of my sapling is.


It is not treacherous,

although to you, it appears to be so a little.

I neither criticize anyone, nor do I praise.


These words are from the breath of Love.

Love is from a secret Grace.

Yet, like you, I fell in with the daily humdrum

because of my impudence.


If a mountain calls,

Don’t say,

“O mountain,  you said you came by, but you didn’t.”


Talk to the One who talks to you.

Such a talker I am!

My talks have no beginning and no end.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 18, Ghazal 134, verses 1316-1324, pages 52-53,


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