Watch the Endless Heart (4/17/16)

Watch the Endless Heart (4/17/16)
Watch the Endless Heart (4/17/16)

You color yourself with the color of the community.

Taste the pleasure of the soul: Come to the neighborhood of our tavern

And watch the ones who drink heavy wine.



Drink a glass from Love.

Leave shame and modesty. Become disgraceful.

Close the eye of your head so that the eye of your soul will be opened.


If you want to reach the shore, let your arms drop to the side.

Break this idol which is made of soil.

See the faces of beauty and enjoy that beauty.


How long will you be worrying about the price of betrothal for an old woman?

How long will you be a target for all kinds of swords

Just for a few mouthfuls of bread?


Here is the cupbearer who doesn’t know torment or oppression.

Glasses turn around in his assembly. Enter, O ones who are sitting.

How long will you be whirling by the universe?


There is a good deal here:  Give one soul and take a hundred.

Act less like a dog or wolf so you can gain the Love of the shepherd.


Night has been your friend all along – don’t swallow opium tonight.

Quit eating and drinking; that taste of your mouth will come back to you.


You say, “The enemy has separated so-and-so from me.”

Go, give up this so-and-so, and you will get twenty of this-and-that.


Don’t get involved with any thought other than the One who created thought.

Is the worry of bread and meals better than the Beloved’s worry and concerns?


When God’s place is so big, why do you cage yourself in this jail?

Don’t bind this knot of thought too closely,

Because then you can’t see the openness of the heart.

Watch the endless heart.


Quit talking. Abandon the soul and the universe

So you can see Soul and the world.


Divan-i Kebir, Meter 3, Gazel 213, Verses 1992-2002, Pages 366-367


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