“You Are Not Mud. You Are This Gold.”(7/23/17)

“You Are Not Mud. You Are This Gold.” (7/23/17)

Don’t you see?

Thirst is telling water to go away. Hunger is turning its nose up at bread.

The tunnel is angry at the sun because it doesn’t want its light.

What a crazy, stupid, unfortunate situation this is.


The gold mine is calling you to its temple.

Instead of going there, you are picking up a small piece of gold from the ground.


There are pieces of gold on Beauties from the Eternal Source.

He shows those pieces to mud and water and says, “You are not mud.  You are this gold.”


You are trying to become pure, whole gold.

When you change into gold, you will go to the gold mine, return to your origin.

That’s what you are anyway.


I am adding the water of cruelty to the honey, because you cannot eat pure honey.

With all its sweetness, it could never get down your throat.


Doesn’t praying end with “Amen?” I also keep pulling you to this side.

You are limping, but it’s all right. Come to my side.


O fish, go toward the sea. Don’t pull yourself out of the sea.

You are the friend of glory and happiness. Why do you have grudges?


If you don’t go there voluntarily, that nobility will pull you.

That’s what sultans do. That is His favor.


If He pulls very hard, don’t be afraid, because the one who pulls is Joseph.

You are Benjamin.


Joseph had accused Benjamin of being a thief, of stealing a golden cup.

Then, he scolded him harshly for being a bad person.


When they were alone, Joseph said to Benjamin,

“You are my brother, my friend. You deserve my arm.

I am the prayer. You are the word ‘Amen.'”


You have palaces in the land of timelessness and spacelessness.

Why do you fall into greed, keep struggling in this world of poverty?


I have told you a thousand times to be silent, not to open your mouth.

But, with your obstinacy, you are that Ahmed, yesterday’s Ahmed.


You are the one who makes me live.

My soul of souls would be sacrificed to You.

You are the only one who frees my essence from the mud.


You honor my soul, put nice dresses on it. I live with them.

When I die, You are the one who puts a shroud on me.


O One who causes rivers to spring from their source,

O One who brightens my eyes,

when You offer that wine, I become drunk, go out of myself.

To drink that wine is my religion.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 7b, Gazel 256, Verses 3322-3338, Pages 273-274.


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