Don’t Make Me Talk with You through that Curtain (1/28/2024)

Don’t Make Me Talk with You through that Curtain (1/28/2024)

Since I am the slave of the Sun,

I should talk only about the Sun.

I am not the night and don’t worship the night.

Why should I talk about dreams?


Since I am the envoy of the Sun,

I should ask Him your question secretly

and relate the answer to you.


Since I am like the Sun,

in order to illuminate the Universe,

I should brighten the ruins

and avoid the built-up areas.

I should tell broken stories.


I am a wretched apple,

but greater than my tree.

I am drunk, fallen on the ground.

But, I am telling the truth.


My heart caught the scent of His village’s soil;

I would be ashamed if I talked about water.


Lift the veil from your face.

You have an auspicious face.

Don’t make me talk with you through that curtain.


When my heart turns into stone,

I am in fire, like iron.

When I become thin, glassy and beautiful,

I talk about the glass and the wine.


I explain the beauty of the red tulip

with my saffron-colored face.

I tell the story of the cloud

with the streams of water coming from my eyes.


When the instigator asks about my situation,

I should be frightened and say,

“Thanks to God.”

Instead, I start complaining,

telling that instigator about sorrow and suffering.


When the rebab starts crying for Him,

I fall on my face like a kemence.*

When the preacher starts a sermon,

I talk about that very same matter.


Now I will quit talking. I will remain silent.

Because I have a heart which has been burned,

if I talk, it may burn you.

*Kemence  A musical instrument.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 22, Ghazal 21, verses 181-193, pages 43-45.

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