Eternal Sovereignty Has Come (4/1/18)

Eternal Sovereignty Has Come (4/1/18)

Blasphemy is dressed in black. Divine light has come.

They are beating the drum of immortality. Eternal sovereignty has come.


The Earth has become green. The sky has torn its cuff and collar.

The Moon has split in half once more. Pure soul has come.


The world is filled with sugar. Prosperity wears a decorated belt.

Get up. That Moon-faced one has come once more.


The heart, which resembles an astrolabe, has become the proof of seven skies.

Seven volumes which interpret the heart of Ahmet(1) have come.


When bound intelligence met his Sultan one night, he said to Him,

“The self which has been stuck with restrictions

has come to the temple of Your grace, the door of good fortune.”


The doorkeeper of the lover’s heart has made his head and feet like a pen.

Good news is coming like sugar to the heart as if that heart were paper.


How long, clean heart, will you keep waiting under the ground?

Come on. Jump out from the grave. Great help is coming to you.


They are beating the drum, playing the trumpet for the Last Day of Judgment.

O dead one, a new Day of Judgment is coming.


The ones in the grave(2) have come back to life.

The things in the heart have come into the open.

The sound of the trumpet has been heard. The soul has reached its wish.


Last night, an uproar was heard from the stars.

The lucky of the luckiest, shiniest stars came.


Mercury became lost, broke his pen on the blackboard.

After that, Venus jumped like a drunk and reached the star of Ferhad.(3)


The full Moon’s face became pale, started to run to the sign of Leo.

I asked, “What has happened?”

He answered, “That cupbearer who has been out of himself has come.”


Intelligence wants to show himself among these confusions,

but even if he knows ebced,(4) a child is still a child.


That colorless, mute cupbearer keeps pouring endless wine.

Even the Kafdagi(5) has become drunk like a camel, started a continuous dance.


Get up. Be ready. This is our time.

We are sultans. His look is our soul.

Immortal life has come to us.


The Solomon of soul has called us to drink the morning wine.

The place adorned by crystal where Belkis(6) was tried has been shown to us.


Out of obstinacy against the religious jealousy

of the blind Satan who has been expelled from heaven,

the soul’s heart’s salve has come to our pained eyes.


I lock my tongue so that the non-confidant won’t understand me.

O musician, it’s time to say, “The endless drinking time has come.”

(1) Ahmet  The Prophet Mohammed.

(2) …grave  Koran LXXXII-4, C-5.

(3) Ferhad A star in Ursa Minor.

(4) ebced  Numeration by letters of the alphabet.

(5) Kafdagi  Legendary mountain where the phoenix lives.

(6) Belkis  The Queen of Sheba.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 10, Gazel 29, Verses 315-332, Pages 65-67.


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