I Gave Up Yesterday (9/20/2020)

I Gave Up Yesterday (9/20/2020)

O cupbearer, you are the one who satisfies my need.

Serve me wine. Make me happy.


I have become so drunk

that I can’t separate signs from words.


My father has pledged me to the wine barrel.

My mother has tied me to the tavern.


God has plugged my ears.

I gave up yesterday and freed myself from the worry of tomorrow.

I don’t care about the things which have no essence.


The ones who are aware of good and bad live in another quarter.

They worship and judge there.


The One who owns this quarter is an immortal Sultan.

He is the One who has saved us from disaster.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 17, Ghazal 40, verses 402-407, page 68.

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