If You Want … (8/7/16)

Hurry-Up-Reach-MeIf you want the moon, if you want the sun,

Here is the moon; here is the sun.

Now if you want early dawn to come,

Here is the early dawn.


O Joseph of Canaan, O soul of Solomon,

If you want the crown and belt,

Here is the crown; here is the belt.


O Hamza of battles, Rustem* of wars,

If you want sword and shield,

Here is the sword; here is the shield.


O nightingale which smells beautiful fragrances, O parrot which says sweet words,

Do you want honey and sugar?

Here is the honey; here is the sugar.


O one who is the enemy of mind and intelligence, O lover who kills lovers,

If you want to be upside down,

Here is the up side; here is the down.


O soul who wants searching and wayfaring, O Moses who wants manifestation,

If you want eyes and ears,

Here is the eye; here is the ear.


O Satan whose heart is full of hatred, O old enemy,

If you want trouble and evil,

Here is the trouble; here is the evil.


Be silent.  Don’t talk too much.  Get up and start the journey.

If you want company,

Here is the company.


O God’s Shams of Tabriz,

If you want someone who has a wounded heart when beholding your beauty,

Here is the lover whose heart is wounded.

*Hamza and Rustem: Heroes of Persian mythology.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 3, Gazel 197, Verses 1826-1845, Pages 334-335.

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