The Pleasure of Love (10/21/18)

The Pleasure of Love (10/21/18)

Does the Earth’s honey taste sweet to the one

who has the pleasure of Love in his heart?


What can you do with the mind

which falls upside-down with only one glass of wine?


Sell intelligence.  Buy bewilderment instead.

This trading will put you ahead.


O wise one, bewilderment is such a state

that no one’s mind can comprehend it.


All wisdom becomes a key

which cannot open that lock.


Even if the universe yells and screams particle by particle,

these sounds cannot be heard.


Even if Yezid becomes Beyazid or vice- versa,

nothing will be added to that sea,

nor will a drop be taken away.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 12, Gazel 38, Page 65, Verses 378-384.

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