Turn (5/14/17)

Turn (5/14/17)

I really keep turning around bad luck, keep borrowing trouble

when I turn around myself, my illusions instead of You.


When I wake up in the morning half drunk, I go straight to my Cupbearer.

I turn around Him. I ask for His help, His favor.


People turn around a few, limited morsels.

Instead, I look for the Creator’s endless blessings and turn around them.


The origin of this universe is boundless; so is its presence.

They both come from the limitless Universe.

Don’t blame me if I turn endlessly.


The one who made a rose garden out of my grave-like chest

did not see that I deserved that graveyard.


What is the grave? The soul does not even fit in the sky.

I have given up the five senses and the six dimensions

and turn around the one and only God.


Although I am a shiny mirror,

it might be necessary to turn around a piece of wool for a few days.


If I were a rose, I would turn into a rose garden because of that spring.

If I were one with that Union, I would become a hundred bodies.


This body is frustrated among all these different shapes.

Now that I have become a mirror, why should I turn around the body?


I should get out to pasture among the stable of words.

I am not a mule that is tied.

Why should I turn around this pole?

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 7b, Gazel 184, Verses 2524-2533, Pages 126-127.


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