Two Opposite Bits of News (11/3/19)

Two Opposite Bits of News (10/27/19)

A smile explains Your kindness.

Crying is a complaint about Your grief.


These two opposite bits of news which are discussed in this world

are about the same Beloved.


His benevolence deceives the ignorant one so much

that he doesn’t think about the consequences of committing a crime.


But, He causes anger and despair in others

who fall into helplessness, who continually mourn.


Love is a protecting intercessor.

Love takes care of both of them.


My God, I give thanks for this Love.

It offers so many blessings to us.


Even if we fail to show gratitude,

Love overlooks our ungratefulness, tolerates it.


This Love is either the Kevser* or the Water of Life.

It makes life eternal, makes man immortal.


It is like a messenger between God and His confidant.

It carries messages.

It comes and goes between them.


Enough. Be silent.

Do not read this ayat** by ayat.

Love is the one who interprets ayats.

*Kevser  A legendary river in heaven.

**ayat  A verse from the Quran.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 9, Ghazal #40, verses 385-394, pages 62-63.

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