Your Value (10/30/16)

Your Value (10/30/16)
Your Value (10/30/16)

Look in your soul for your lost heart.

Ask for the peace and decision of your soul from your Beloved.


There is the pleasure of the plant of Absence in sugarcane.

But, look for that pleasure in your lips and on your teeth.


Don’t stare at the blind ones with your two eyes.

Run to the One who sees.

Look and ask for things from Him, not outside, but inside of you.


It was said that the messenger of God compared men to mines.*

Search for your value in your mine.


Come down from the throne of your body. Sit at the throne of the soul.

Give up the sky. Search for your own Saturn.


Lightening has struck your heart, and your heart has become restless.

Look for that lightning in the rain of your tears.


Your body is only the saddlebag of Abu-Hurayra.**

Whatever your wish, your desire, search for it in that bag.


O One whose trace never appears,

Where and with whom shall I look for a trace of You?

But, You are looking for me!

With Your kindness and Your favor, You are looking for me!

*Mine: Hadis Ahadis-i Mesnevi. p. 61, 62.

**Abu-Hurayra: Disciple of Prophet Mohammed (d. 677). The name was given to him because he liked cats.  He carried a saddlebag and when someone wanted something, he would put in his hand and pull out the desired thing.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 4, Gazel 123, Verses 3895-3902, Page 246.

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