The Difference Becomes Obvious (12/10/17)

The Difference Becomes Becomes Obvious (12/12/17)

The best journey for me is the journey from existence to Absence.

Existence is the curtain that hides the land of Absence.


Existence is like water. Absence is the sweet sea.

When clean, pure water stays in ponds,

it turns into a swamp, becomes turbid, fetid.


There is such a relief for the heart in sharing these things

that the bird of the heart yearns to fly.

But, O my heart, fly secretly. Don’t fly in front of eyes.


Chickens fly into the garden to eat grain.

Birds fly and rise to the sky to be free.


O friend, there is a difference between the two flights.

One is to fly to the bottom, the other to heaven.


In the beginning of the journey, both flights bring joy.

But, after awhile, the difference becomes obvious.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 8b, Gazel 138, Verses 1232-1237, Page 34.


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