If I Miss this Opportunity Now (4/5/2020)

If I Miss this Opportunity Now (4/5/2020)

My heart appreciates Beauty.

Why should I run away from the Beloved?

The dagger in my hand is a good one.

Why should I turn my face away from battle?


I am such a board that the carpenter has much to do with me.

I have never become helpless when facing the adze,

nor have I run away from the nail.


I myself am not like wood.

I have never gotten any idea besides the idea of the adze.

If I run away from the carpenter,

I deserve to be thrown into the fire and burned.


If I become hard like stone,

my progress towards becoming a ruby diminishes.

If I run away from the cave’s friend, I become small and dark like the cave.


If I am afraid of becoming leafless, I lose the ability to kiss the peach.

If I run away from the Tartar,

I can no longer smell the scent of the Tartar’s musk.


I am hurt by myself.

For this reason, I cannot fit into myself.

I am in such a place that I cannot fit in my own head, much less my turban.


If I miss this opportunity now, it will take thousands of centuries

to reach this glory again.


I am neither sick nor out of shape.

Why should I run away from the Beauties?

I don’t have an upset stomach.

Why should I stay away from the tavern keeper?


Since I don’t ride a donkey,

I will be the last one left in the square.

Since I am not a farmer,

I have no reason to run away from the head of the village.


I keep telling my heart,

“Go easy now. I am submerged in golden treasure.”

It replies, “Why should I be afraid of charity?”

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 15, Ghazal 95, verses 1101-1110, pages 218-219.

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