A Bridge (3/19/17)

A Bridge (3/19/17)

You are the nightingale of the garden meadows.

But, with the grace of God, you can become the garden,

the meadow and wind, even hundreds of nightingales.


Look at all these events, fights, retaliations in the world and see God.

Look at the work of art done with fingers.

Watch the intelligence.


Don’t expect a wise man to stop talking when he becomes drunk.

Don’t tell the hungry one to stop eating when he finds bread.


Give up words and the alphabet.

Become like water, full of designs.

Go from one shape to the other, because sounds and alphabets are all earthly things.

The world is nothing but a bridge.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 7b, Gazel 160, Verses 2233-2236, Pages 72-3.

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