There Is Always a New Day (3/4/18)

There Is Always a New Day (3/4/18)

I am Joseph of Canaan.

My face like the Moon is the witness to that,

although no one has asked for proof, for a witness from the Sun.




O my tall, great cypress, I would show You proof,

but there is no better proof than the straight stature of the cypress.


The witnesses to the Moon are its beauty and light.

Shining stars are the proof, the deed of the sky.

O roses, flowers, O garden meadows, who are your witnesses?

Smells come to the nose. Colors adorn the eyes.


If reason is a judge, where are its decress, its commands?

See the result of the work, the required persistence, the dignity and loyalty.

Those are His commands and decrees.


What is the proof that Love is a confidant?

Nothing else but the Beloved’s face is seen in His eyes.


This mean old world is like a prostitute.

How do I know that?

One is with her, just about to finish. The others are all lined up, waiting behind.


When she sends this one out, she takes the next in her arms.

Her kiss doesn’t come from her loyalty,

nor do the dresses she gives come from her kindness or favor.


There is another world.

The proof? There is movement.

Constantly, the old ones pass away and the new ones come.


There is always a new day, a new night, a new fresh garden, new meadow, new net, new trap.

There is new thought with every breath, new pleasure, new richness.


If there is no infinite, endless world besides this visible one, where are the old ones going?

Where are the new ones coming from?


This world is like the water of a river.

It appears like the same water, but the water keeps flowing.

It isn’t the same water at any given time.

Where is the water coming from? Where is it going? Where?


Be silent. Don’t say anything more.

For the one who needs words, tell him to go look for them.

Tell him the essence of the word is our Sultan.


He is such a Sultan that He gives Soul.

He is the praise of Tebriz.

He is the confidant of Mustafa in the secrets of Love.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 10, Gazel 12, Verses 130-143, Pages 27-29.



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