Anger (6/6/2021)

Anger (6/6/2021)

All anger comes from pride.

If you don’t fall into contempt, go, purify in humility.

Give up the self. Be dust.


Anger is born from contempt and from the self.

Use them both as a ladder.

Step on them and climb to the sky.


Wherever you see anger, look for self and contempt.

If you like those two snakes, go and become Dahhak.*


If you are free from anger and contempt,

go and sleep comfortably in a corner.

But, if you are happy with your anger, your pride,

plunge into grief and keep suffering.


Give up the anger of dogs.

Watch the wrath of lions.

When you see the wrath of a lion,

become a one-year-old child, then walk slowly like a lamb.


Don’t eat that sweet morsel which will make you angry.

Instead, eat from the one who says,

“If it were not for you, I wouldn’t have created the universe.”

Be His slave and servant.


Go. Become the butcher of Love.

Shed the blood of contempt and hate.

How long will you be sleeping under those two dogs?

Be agile now.

*In Persian mythology, a cloud which covers the sun and later turns into a three-headed snake.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 8b, Ghazal 174, verses 1614-1620, pages 113-114.

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