Bees Don’t Make His Honey (10/15/17)

Bees Don’t Make His Honey (10/15/17)

Before wine, the vineyard or the grape ever existed in this world,

our soul was drunk with everlasting wine, with God’s wine.


Before this hide and seek,

before Mansur* said that secret word, made that subtle point,

we kept saying, “I am God,” in the Baghdad of this world.


Before that Universal Soul started acting as an architect in this land of mud,

we had long before started drinking in the tavern of Truth.


Our soul was like a world, and the soul’s glass became the Sun.

That world was filled with light up to its neck with the wine of soul.


O cupbearer, make drunk those lives in this world of mud

so they will understand what a kingdom they have left behind,

of what a fortune they have been deprived.


We gladly sacrifice life to that cupbearer who came from Soul

to show and explain everything that has been hidden, covered.


We are waiting in front of that cupbearer with open mouths.

The wine that he serves doesn’t give headaches. Bees don’t make His honey.


Beloved, either close our mouth with Your hand or know that the treasure

that has been hidden under seven layers of the Earth is about to be found.


O city of Tebriz, if you were famous before Shamseddin,

If anyone knew you before that, talk about that time.

*Mansur  [Hallaj Mansur] A famous Sufi who was killed in 922 C.E. because of his beliefs.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 8a, Gazel 42, Verses 354-362, Pages 76-77.

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