Burn (12/31/2023)

Burn (12/31/2023)

Even if your Beloved is like fire, jump into that fire. Keep burning.

On the night of separation, burn like a candle. Melt.


Don’t be contrary. Make peace. Blend in friendship.

If they rip your dress,

keep sewing the dress of Union.


A divine celebration appears in soul and body

at the time of peace and Union.

Learn this from the rebab, tambourine, shrill pipe and singer.


If even one out of twenty-one musicians starts playing a different tune,

the rest of the musicians lose their way,

and fighting and obstinacy become their guide.


“Everyone is fighting. What’s the use of my reconciliation?”

Don’t say that.

You are not one. You are thousands.

Burn like a candle all by yourself.

Illuminate far and wide,


Because one lit candle

is better than a thousand unlit ones.

One nice, tall, slender shape

is better than a thousand ugly ones.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 22, Ghazal 16, verses 136-141, pages 32-33.

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