Come (2/6/2022)

Come (2/6/2022)

Come. The door to exit the six dimensions is being opened.

A dust has risen from the bottom of that sea.


Come. Every head, every mind

has been filled with the fragrance

of the union of a soul and the One who gives souls.


Come. Every ear, every reason

has found a ring from absolute ecstasy.


Come. In short order, you will find no sober ones

from the East or the West.


There is a cavalry on every corner of this barren land

where no one from the world of soul ever passes.


Get into the fire. Be the firewood.

The flames of this fire

reach to the seven levels of the sky.


In the barren land of the self,

there are trees and rivers everywhere.


Have you ever seen a tree

embracing another tree in a garden?

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 19, Ghazal 237, verses 2434-2442, pages 66-67.

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