Don’t Break the Jar (8/13/2023)

Don’t Break the Jar (8/13/2023)

O sugar lipped one, don’t break the jar.

O stonehearted one, don’t break the jar.


If you become His drunk,

you will drink wine from His hand.

But, His breath is very dangerous.

Don’t break the jar.


Love entered my heart and settled there,

turning my heart into glass.

O Sun, come slowly.

Don’t break the jar.


That kind of Beauty became your friend.

But, don’t try to touch His hair.

Don’t break the jar.


Don’t try to compare Him with your heart

until you know Him.

He is different. You are different.

Don’t break the jar.


He is in the heart made of glass.

Beware. Walk slowly.

Don’t break the jar.


God has manifested in humans,

joining good and bad together.

Don’t be confused by this fate, this destiny.

Don’t break the jar.


Although you hung around with Shams of Tebriz,

don’t mention skill.

Don’t mention talent.

Don’t break the jar.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 21, Ghazal 115, verses 1247-1254, pages 255-256.

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