God’s Halter (9/9/18)

God’s Halter (9/9/18)

A small fox stealthily grabbed the fat tail of a lion and ran.

I wonder. Was the lion sleeping?

Surely that blind, lame fox couldn’t have saved his own life

if the lion had been awake!


That lion knew it and knowingly gave the fox a chance.

Who would believe it if I said

that a lame fox stole the fat tail from a lion?


Someone said, “A wolf ate Jacob’s Joseph.”

The lion of the sky didn’t even move his paw to help.


In every breath, God’s inspiration is the guard of our heart.

How could an envious Satan steal faith and belief from our heart?


God’s hand is the best. His arm is long.

Don’t attempt to start the wrong kind of business with God’s hand.

The one who sows barley seed on God’s way will harvest barley.


If someone treats you with contempt, refer him to God.

If someone scares you, turn your face to God.


Trouble, fear and sorrow are God’s halter.

Hardship and distress grab your ear and pull you to the temple of generosity.


You say, “God! God!”

You turn your face to the sky.

Tears from your eyes flow like a river down your pale face.


But, greens grow from the tears of your broken, ruined heart and soul.

Morning lifts the veil from your face.

This is the day of immortality.


If the Pharoah had had sorrow and suffering in his head,

he wouldn’t have talked about his own Godliness.

He wouldn’t have gotten himself into trouble.


When he was about to drown, he said, “I am the poorest of people.”

His disbelief turned into belief, because he faced the face of trouble.


Don’t remove troubles from your body.

Instead, throw your body into the bottom of the Nile,

so. like the Pharoah, you will be freed from denial.


The self is the king in Egypt, but a captive at the bottom of the Nile.

Be the Archangel Gabriel for him.

Make smoke from aloe wood.


The body is nothing but stingy aloe wood.

It doesn’t give His smell to you.

It doesn’t open His secret until it is thrown into the fire.


The praise of Tebriz, God and faith’s Shams

has said, “Love,” before.

He has frowned because of your face.

It is not nice to increase that vinegar.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 10, Gazel 31, Pages 71-73, Verses 348-362.

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