God’s Light (7/15/18)

God’s Light (7/15/18)

The falcon said to the goose, “The valley is beautiful.”

“Have a good night,” answered the goose, then continued,

“This place is much better for me.


“I’m all set. I’ll put my head down and sleep.

You keep flying, because you are restless.


“Even my nest is dark, but as long as my beautiful Joseph is there,

it is all right with me.”


The bottom of the well is a nice place if that is where the Beloved is.

If He is at the top, that is where the nice place is.


It is so nice to look for pearls

inside of salty water at the bottom of the sea.


It is proper for the crying nightingale to be in the rose garden.

It is nice for the parrot to chew sugar.


The sky is the spark of angels, and the soul is to tell their beads.*

Their pearl dome of sky is so beautiful.


Since God has purified your heart from greed and anger,

go and get a beautiful and peerless new heart.


Since God has exempted you from the worries of daily sustenance,

go and get a new heart for excursions and outings.


He said, “Watching the universe is like watching Us.

Stay with Us. Stay in Our arms. It is good being with Us.


It is nice to see His reflection in the mirror,

but, nothing like watching that Beauty alive.


The face becomes pale because of the reflection of a red face.

Give up the one which is reflected.

The main thing is the rose-colored face.


The cause for the beautiful, constant movement without hands and feet

is God’s light.


Observe this beautiful dance from the bottom of the Earth to the top of the sky.

Put your mind in your head.


When you become a particle, don’t go and become a mountain again.

Be faithful. It is nice to be faithful.


It is enough. Be silent.

You also see like the eye. But, don’t talk.

Don’t look through the eyes of the head.

The one which sees is the eye of the soul, that most beautiful one.


Shamseddin, who is the praise of Tebriz, is happy with everyone.

But, he is the happiest and most beautiful alone.

*…beads  Quran XIII, 13.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 11, Gazel 21, Verses 286-302, Pages 45-47.

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