How Can You Find Fault? (5/15/16)

How Can You Find Fault? (5/15/16)
How Can You Find Fault? (5/15/16)

The lover breaks his chains when he goes to the side of lovers.

The one who is insane keeps turning

And tears apart all his measures.




How can you find fault in the lover’s quick, careless walking?

The fire from His Love burns all faults and mistakes.


If a youth were to catch that fire, what shape would he be in?

Never mind, O youth, if an older person catches that fire;

It tears the mantle of piety.


If there are hundreds of curtains in one eye,

His arrow-shaped eyebrow pierces them all at once.


Once he breaks the egg and gets out,

The bird of every lover destroys the remains in a hurry.


This universe is like tar: Everyone’s feet get stuck in it,

But once the fire of Love comes, it melts the tar.


God’s Shams of Tabriz is the Sultan of Sultans and, at the same time, a gentleman.

He is such a gentleman that he pulls, tears apart every patient person’s shirt.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 3, Gazel 65, Verses 603-609, Page116


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