Look at Souls (10/6/19)

Look at Souls (10/6/19)

Clean souls ascend to the sky.

Turbid souls descend to the valley, are buried in the ground.


Open the eye of your soul and look at souls.

How did they get here?

What happens to them?

Where and how do they go?


Since you are on this road, lift up your skirt,

because this road is made from bloody soil.


The tulip is going with its rose-colored dress,

because it grows from the blood-stained earth.


The soul which belongs to the throne goes to the side of Jesus.

The soul of the Pharaoh goes to the side of Karun.*


When the soul leaves the body, the body asks to be buried.

The dead go underground, just like a bride goes to her husband’s house.


My soul keeps flying straight to that Beauty,

goes gracefully and joyfully, filled with harmony,


Because it asks for nothing but God.

The soul who still wants this world descends down below.

*Karun  The name of a legendary greedy, rich man.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 9, Ghazal 47, verses 472-479.

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