Look at This Bright Soul (6/26/16)

Look at This Bright Soul (6/26/16)
Look at This Bright Soul (6/26/16)

Make sure of this creed:

The Way of Lovers is the road that lovers walk,

A way entirely opposite of others.

Even their ostentations, their lies are better than other’s truths, kindnesses and favors.


There is nothing impossible for the lover.

Even his guilt is a meritorious act.

His cruelty is justice, his false accusation a compliment, a favor.


The stern face of Love is like a soft smile.

His fire temple is the Kaaba.

The thorn He pokes is better than the most special of roses.


When He makes a face,

That feeling is better than sugar.

When He is tired and bored,

It renders a feeling better than being hugged and kissed.


If He says, “I am tired of you,”

These words are like the fountain of life of Khidr

Which comes from the source of eternal life.


When He says, “No, it is impossible,”

There are thousands of, “Yes, it is possible,” hidden in His words.

When He acts strangely, that is acceptance in the creed of people in ecstasy.


His cursing becomes total faith.

His stone changes into coral.

His greed is a favor.

His guilt and sin are mercy and forgiveness.


How can you blame me and accuse me of going the wrong way?

I have given my soul and followed the way of His eyebrows;

That is the direction I have gone.


If I ever became drunk because of this road,

I stopped, closed my lips, was silent.

Look at this bright soul:

The rest is not important.


O God’s Shams of Tabriz,

How much sugar are you spreading?

You are telling hundreds of truths through my tongue,

Bringing hundreds of clear proofs.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 3, Gazel 118, Verses 1071-1080, Page 198-199.


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