Many Think This is Easy (10/18/2020)

Many Think This is Easy (10/18/2020)

One should not try to avoid Him for even one moment.

Only ruin and wreckage come from being distance!


You say, “What could happen? I could come back.”

You could, but only if your heart opens its door again.


Many think this is easy.

There are so many difficult things which look easy.


Why? Because fate and accidents

ambush your mind and grab it.


Stay at His temple regardless of what shape you’re in,

because Love will be born from that closeness.


Don’t run away from Him regardless of whether you are clean or dirty,

because cleanliness will increase with that closeness.


When the body embraces the Beloved’s body,

the soul touches His soul and merges with it.


The one who separates or backs away from the Beloved

for even one day

falls in such loss and danger

that he ends of chewing on his hand for the rest of his life.


How could anyone try separation?

How could anyone try taking poison?


Be grass and grow with the water of His longing.

Don’t ever think your donkey is just eating thorns.


Put your head on the threshold like a nail.

Your head does not belong in the sky.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 17, Ghazal 54, verses 538-548, pages 92-93.

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