My Gift to You (4/17/2022)

My Gift to You (4/17/2022)

Our heart and Love have both come

from behind hundreds of curtains,

They sit together, naked.


If the Archangel Gabriel were to get in between them,

still, no mercy could be found in their fires.


They are in union every moment.

But, at the same time, they are wide open.


You see so many impressive sultans.

But, they are only doorkeepers of the house.


The way to reach God is through Mount Sinai.

Without that, no mineral could withstand this heat.


Even if you put hundreds of universal intelligences

together as a ladder,

you could not reach the roof.


If I tell you about the trace of the One

whose trace doesn’t appear,

the manhood of all the brave ones

would prostrate in front of Him.


The light which I have been talking about

is such that not even a single letter of the alphabet can fit into it.

The alphabet I have used to talk about it

is my gift to you.


Words and alphabets have all turned into a belt

because of the arrival of Shams of Tabriz.

If you have a strong waist, put it on.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 19, ghazal 268, verses 2747-2755, pages  119-120.

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